Packages We offer

The Established Package

Investment starts at $980 / month 4-month minimum commitment

We set up, connect and secure your brand with a Pinterest business account.

Once complete, we implement the brand strategy each month as part of your long-term strategy with the following:

  • ...

    Combine your keywords into a Pinterest pin and board strategy

  • ...

    Organize, create, and publish your Pinterest pins with a custom pin schedule based on your content planner

  • ...

    Weekly monitoring

  • ...

    Deliver a 30-day report that reviews highlights and adjusts your marketing strategy And you’ll feel confident growing your business on Pinterest

The Enriched Package

$1480 / month 6-month minimum commitment

In addition to the established package, we’ll cover the graphic design so that your brand stands out on Pinteres.

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    Our enriched package allows you to eliminate the pesky prep work each month and let us manage your entire account

  • ...

    We know a pin can make or break your brand's ability to be seen on Pinterest

  • ...

    Utilizing your brand's strategy guidelines, we’ll create pins that stand out from your competitors and entice your Pinterest audience

  • ...

    Our all-in-one strategy lets you focus on the rest of your business

Is Pinterest Marketing Right For You?


Do you have an online shop? (Shopify, Etsy, etc)


Are selling a Course or a Service?


Do you have a blog or an online presence?

If you anwered yes to any of these questions adding Pinterest to your marketing strategy can be a great step in driving more traffic to your business site!

  • step 01

    You book a free discovery call And Fill the form

  • step 02

    Pick a date on my calendar

  • step 03

    On Zoom we'll discuss your goals

How Its Will Works

  • step 04

    You will receive a custom Brand Strategy Proposal<

  • step 05

    Once it is all finalized, I'll get to work

  • step 06

    You'll feel confident your brand is in the best hands